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Devops TrainingVTForce Proudly announcing the Devops Training Instructor-Led and Online. This course is designed to teach software application development using Devops, Build and Release, Software Configuration Management(SCM), Configuration Management(CM). It is aimed at accelerated learning of the basic fundamentals and working of Build and release technologies in as much depth possible for the given course duration.

On successful completion of Devops Training, it is expected that the candidate is equipped with all the necessary skills to develop Applications. Additionally, we have also included AWS components like instances, ELB’s and S3 in this course.

Devops Training Course Outline:

  1. Basic B&D Walkthrough 
  1. System setup according to Project 
  1. ANT (Another Neat Tool) 
  • Basic overview how build flows
  • Setup Ant on system
  • How to run ant 
  1. Hudson/Jenkins configuration
    • Jenkins Startup
    • Securing Jenkins
    • Configure Global security
    • Setting up a Jenkins job
    • Configuring source code Management
    • Notifications
    • Cron job scheduling
    • Master/Slave configuration
    • Plugins installation
    • Backuping jobs in Jenkins
    • Creating views
    • Configure Jenkins on an Application Server
    • Support for the Git version control systems 
  1. Maven 
  • Basic overview
  • Set up maven in system
  1. Container Knowledge 
  1. OC4J Deployment Tool 
  1. Web Server/ Application Server (Tomcat)
  • Defining and mapping in WEB-INF/ web.xml
  • Web Application structure
  • Deploying web application
  1. Sonar 
  1. How miller is used 
  1. FileZilla 
  1. Putty 
  1. Subversion
    • Setup SVN
    • Browse repository
    • Add file/folder to repository
    • Check out a working copy
    • Commit to repository
    • Check modification
    • Update working copy
    • Revision log dialog
    • View differences
    • Creating Branches
    • Creating Tags
  1. GIT 
  1. VSS 
  1. Winscp 
  1. AWS (Amazon web services)
    • Instance Launching
    • Elastic Load balancer
    • Creating ELB
    • AMI (Amazon Machine Image)
    • IAM (Identity and access management)
    • Storage
      • EBS (Elastic block storage)
      • S3(Simple storage service) 
  1. CCS_WIKI 
  1. VSS (Visual Source Safe) 
  1. Check USD 
  1. Arti factory 
  1. Jenkins Installation through apache tomcat and command prompt 
  1. Project (GIT +SVN) 
  1. Post Training:
  • Resume – How to make resume that increase interview calls
  • Will be prepared for mock interviews, Quizzes and reviews.
  • Types of interviews – strategies for different interviews

   25. Schedule and Timings:

Devops Training Approximately 8 weeks (10 hours per week/3 days per week). Timings are flexible as per coordination between students and faculty and will be scheduled on an ongoing basis. We prepared this course schedule and content to address market demand to ensure a successful job placement.  Any suggestions from student community will be considered. Final content and schedule timings are subjected to vary.


  1. Good understanding / knowledge of Java programming.
  2. Knowledge of XML scripting
  • Profit center hierarchy

27.Duration: 4 weeks (Total 40 hours for the complete course). Below timings are flexible to suit the convenience of the students and faculty and are tentative.

28.Devops Training Fee: Fees for training is of $1200.00 USD.  The fees are charged reasonably after a good thought. Experienced faculty deserves good compensation. Also, company incurs a lot of expenses in running the business and conducting training courses.  Student should consider this as a decent investment for their career in the desired field, and optional discounted fees is given for qualified and assured candidates. We provide training worth approx. $6000.00.

Start Date: ASAP. Batches Start every month.

29. Devops Training Location

(on-site/remote): Students will have 24X7 accesses to our SAP server remotely for the duration of the training. We prefer in-house onsite training in our Sunnyvale Office as it is more effective for both students and faculty. Optionally, remote online training is also provided depending on the number of remote students. Students must have their own laptop with a web cam feature for remote online training.
30.Marketing Resume: After completion of the training, only selective candidates will be eligible for marketing their resume upon good feedback from SME’s mock interview.

31. H1-B Filing: Our Company will sponsorship H1B to the qualified and eligible candidates having competent skills.

Contact For More Info @ (650) 772-5100

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