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hadoop training bigdata training vtforceVTForce.com offers the best Hadoop Training to become bigdata professionals. Find the Hadoop Training course outline below.

1.Hadoop Training – Prerequisite Bootcamp

  • Virtual Box / VMware
    • Basics
    • Installation
    • Backup
    • Snapshot
  • Linux
    • Basics
    • Installation
    • Commands
  • Java & SQL Basics
  • Datawarehouse (DWH) Concepts


  • Cloud Computing Concepts
  • Grid Computing Concepts
  • Virtualization & Inter-relation
  • Big Data and its axis
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Big Data Solutions with Hadoop ØHadoop Distributions
  • Hadoop Vs. Traditional Systems
  • Data Access : Random Access vs Sequential Access
  • NOSQL Databases

3.Hadoop Training – What is Hadoop?

  • Hadoop and its use cases in Real Time
  • Hadoop components

4.Installation and Setup Hadoop

  • Pseudo mode
  • Cluster mode
  • Ssh
  • Installation of java, hadoop
  • Configurations of hadoop
  • Temporary directory
  • UI
  • Common errors when running hadoop cluster, solutions

5.HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)

  • HDFS Architecture
  • Hadoop Processes
    • Name Node
    • Data Node
    • Secondary Name Node
    • Job Tracker
    • Task Tracker
  • Data storage in HDFS
    • Introduction to Blocks
    • Data Replication
  • Accessing / Connecting HDFS
    • CLI (Command Line Interface)
    • Java based Approach


  • MapReduce Architecture
  • MapReduce Programming Model
    • MapReduce Algorithms
    • Data types in MapReduce
    • Hadoop eclipse plug-in installation
    • Coding on MapReduce with Real Time Scenarios and Examples
    • Joins DataSets in MapReduce – Map Joins and Reduce Joins
    • Input and Output formats in MapReduce «Text input format
      • KeyValue input format
      • Sequence file input format
    • Debug MapReduce Jobs in local and sudo cluster mode
    • Unit Testing MR Jobs
    • MapReduce streaming and pipeline
    • Data Localisation MapReduce
  • Distributed Cache
  • Secondary Sorting using MapReduce

7. Apache PIG

  • Introduction to Apache Pig
  • MapReduce Vs Apache Pig
  • SQL Vs Apache Pig
  • Different datatypes of Pig
  • Modes of Execution in Pig
    • Local Mode
    • Map Reduce OR Distributed Mode
  • Execution Mechanism
    • Grunt Shell
    • Script
    • Embedded
  • Transformations in Pig
  • How to write a simple pig script
  • UDFs in Pig


  • Hive Introduction
  • Hive Architecture
  • Hive Meta Store
  • Hive Integration with Hadoop
  • Hive Query Language (Hive QL)
  • SQL vs Hive QL
  • Hive UDF
  • Hive UDAF
  • Hive
  • Hive Transform


  • Introduction to Sqoop
  • MySQL client and Server Installation
  • How to connect to Relational Database using Sqoop
  • DiffernetSqoop Commands
    • Different flavours of Imports
    • Export
    • Hive-Imports


  • HBase Introduction
  • HBase usecases
  • HBase basics
    • Column families Scans ØHBase Architecture
  • Clients
    • REST
    • Thrift
    • Java Based
    • Avro
  • Map Reduce Integration
    • Map Reduce Over HBase
    • HBase Admin
    • Schema Definition
    • Basic CRUD Operations


  • Architecture
  • Data Transfer In Hadoop
  • Data Flow
  • Environment
  • Configuration
  • Hands on with real time examples

12.Introduction to Spark

13.Duration: 4 weeks (Total 40 hours for the complete course). Below timings are flexible to suit the convenience of the students and faculty and are tentative. You can avail hadoop big data online training from us.

14.Fees: Fees for training is of $1200.00 USD.  The fees are charged reasonably after a good thought. Experienced faculty deserves good compensation. Also, company incurs a lot of expenses in running the business and conducting training courses.  Student should consider this as a decent investment for their career in the desired field, and optional discounted fees is given for qualified and assured candidates. We provide training worth approx. $6000.00.

Start Date: ASAP. Batches Start every month.

15.Training Location(on-site/remote): Students will have 24X7 accesses to our SAP server remotely for the duration of the training. We prefer in-house onsite training in our Sunnyvale Office as it is more effective for both students and faculty. Optionally, remote online training is also provided depending on the number of remote students. Students must have their own laptop with a web cam feature for remote online training.

16.Marketing Resume: After completion of the training, only selective candidates will be eligible for marketing their resume upon good feedback from SME’s mock interview.

17. H1-B Filing:Our Company will sponsorship H1B to the qualified and eligible candidates having competent skills.

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